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Behind bptl.co

Hi, I am Jonathan Baptistella, the founder of this site and getkirby-themes.com. I work as a digital entrepreneur and consultant. I love what I do and I also love to learn more about markets and people. And what moves one product more than another.

I was born in Norway and I am living in Brazil. Most of all I end up learning about myself. I run my consulting business from Brazil with clients all around the world, called The Baptistella Co.

All the videos you see here on the site is my collection of the best videos for entrepreneurs, leaders and business peoples. I have collected this for me to grow as a private and business person, also to prepare me for the next level in life.

I opened this up for all of you after I realized that this collection can benefit more people than just me, I hope this help you too. Also if you signup to my email list you will receive an email with new videos in the future, max ones a week.